He’s a Walking Crime Scene!

Dr. Samuel Pratt is a multi-doctorate scientist who is obsessed with raising the dead. But just as Sam is about to perfect his colossal breakthrough, an unfortunate series of circumstances puts him in conflict with organized crime. The mobsters kill Sam and take off with his irreplaceable research, hoping to sell the secret of immortality to the highest bidder. Pratt’s desperate fiancĂ© and his shady lab assistants use the remaining prototype formula to bring him back to life. Humor mixes with horror as Pratt is resurrected and mummified, wrapped in police scene crime tape and out for revenge against the criminals who destroyed his life’s work. But time is against him. Sam must find a way to restore himself to true life before he denigrates into a mindless killing machine – the hulking anti-hero, who lurks in the shadows of LA’s underbelly, which the tabloids have dubbed: Shambler!!